Counseling Approaches & Roles

Counseling Approaches

  • Therapeutic Experiences - exploring and role playing solutions, creative representations of life situations. 
  • Bibliotherapeutic Experiences - reading and discussing books relevant to whatever the student is experiencing 
  • Conflict Resolution Processes - working out disagreements 
  • Behavioral Coaching/Role Plays - goal setting and encouragement 
  • Therapeutic Games - card and board games focused on developing coping skills 
  • Active Listening and Academic Organizational Skill Development - study Skills 

Counseling Roles

  • Classroom counseling curriculum 
  • Individual student planning
  • Responsive services 
  • System support
  • Character development
  • Student assistance team member 
  • Gifted & Talented referral and review team member 
  • Angel tree and food drive coordinator 
  • Section 504 plan co-coordinator 
  • Backpack program