On November 14, 2016, the Midlothian ISD Board approved 7-0 the 1:1 M*POWERED Initiative presented by the Midlothian Technology Advisory Council (M*TAC) that will provide every student at Midlothian ISD with a technology device starting in the 2017-18 school year. Students grades PreK-5 will work with an iPad Air and students grades 6-12 will work with a MacBook Air.


Serve as the primary advisory body for the strategic direction of educational technology for the Midlothian Independent School District.


Meeting 1 - Introductions, brainstorming (08/29/16 @ 12pm - 3pm)

Meeting 2 - Promethean workshop (09/12/16 @ 12pm - 3pm)

Meeting 3 - Student device symposium (09/26/16 @ 9am - 3pm at ESC10)

Meeting 4 - Campus field trip (10/11/16 @ 10am - 3pm, Burleson STEAM Academy)

Meeting 5 - Campus field trip (10/24/16 @ 9am - 3pm, Frisco CATE)

Meeting 6 - Decision time, wrap up (11/07/16 @ 12pm - 3pm)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair
    • Develop meeting agendas
    • Lead meetings
    • Maintain focus on meeting topics
    • Ensure that meetings begin and end on time
    • Collect data and call for decisions
  • Members
    • Attend meetings: members should, at a minimum, notify the Coordinator if they are unable to attend a meeting (declining the calendar invitation is sufficient notification)
    • Contribute to the Group’s activities and help ensures completion of the Group’s deliverables
    • Help balance conflicting priorities and resources
    • Understand the implications and outcomes of projects and initiatives being pursued
    • Represent the interests of campus stakeholders when considering the ideas and issues raised at meetings
    • Facilitate appropriate two-way communication between the Group and all areas of campus, teacher, and student goals and expectations
    • Maintain confidentiality regarding opinions, brainstorming, and issues discussed at meetings as required
  • Coordinator 
    • Manage meeting invitations, attendance, and other logistics
    • Record notes of the meeting discussions and action items as appropriate
    • Share notes with the Group for review
    • Distribute meeting notes in an appropriate electronic format after review